Quick start guide:
  1. Read the rules carefully.
  2. Register on the site if you are not registered.
  3. By downloading WR Client you are agreeing to EULA.
  4. Unpack it to empty or new directory and run the program (WR2.exe).
  5. Set up the program. You can see "Settings" button in top-left corner of program.
  6. Be sure to specify the game location directory.
  7. If you want to see ghosts or info over game,
    then make sure checked Windowed mode ("Try to start game in the window") in WR Client settings.
  8. Enter your login info from the site into corresponding fields and press "Log in" button.
  9. Before starting the game you need to start preliminary checking. Press start button.
  10. If all ok, then you can run game. We recommended to you do it by "Run game" button in WR client program.
  11. You can send records automatically (configurable in the program settings)
    or manually from the current record page in the WR program.
    The record in the program does not always appear for performance reasons.
    If you are sure that the record is set and the program has fixed it (by sound or text over the game),
    but it is not visible, then try to press the button with green arrows (update).
  12. Ghost, ghost trajectory, over game information, and telemetry can cause FPS to decrease.
    If the FPS is too low the program will not be able to read the results and it will be perceived as a broken lap.
    If the FPS will decrease during the use of these options, try to disable them in the program settings.
    And close the telemetry windows, if they are open.
    It is very important that during playing the game and working the program was not lags.
    Otherwise, the program will say that the lap is broken because at some point it could not read the game data.
    If you have lags, then before disabling these options in the program,
    you can try to reduce the quality of the graphics in the game to improve FPS.
    Some parameters do not greatly affect the graphics (for example, light trails), but lower FPS.

    Check your PC, please.
    When the program is running, Windows updates or other hard work should not be performed.
    Otherwise, I repeat, there may be lags and the program will not be able to read the results.
    (there may be other reasons, but you can handle this yourself)

    System requirements:
    You need about 200MB of RAM for program.
    It is better that your computer supports multithreading.
    You need a computer a little more powerful than just for the game.

  13. Good luck!

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