NFS U1: Rules

Please read the rules carefully before you begin creating records.

In addition to these rules it is necessary to read and accept the license agreement.

  1. General rules.

    There is general standings and weekly standings.
    General standings it is records for all time.
    Weekly standings it is records by weeks. It's as if the records were only in the specified week.
    Records for weekly standings are taken by sending date.
    Records can be accepted from "Quick Race" in following game modes:
    Free Run, Sprint, Drag, Drift.

    Double Steering (by button) is forbidden.
    Records in Free Run mode can be accepted only without nitrous using.
    In other modes you can use nitrous (except Drift where is no nitrous).
    In Drag mode the opponents skill must be set to Easy,
    otherwise the program will not see the race.
    Records from Drift mode are accepted by time, not by points (It is like circuit but on Drift's tracks).
    There are records of one lap and a series of laps.
    Race in Drag and Sprint - race of 1 lap.

    Please do not use cheats, game bugs or bugs in our software.

  2. Server reboot.
    Planned server reboots and standard technical work occur from 1:00 am CET to 2:00 am CET.

  3. The lifetime of records.
    After the beginning of the race lap, the time of the record's existence begins.
    To keep the records up-to-date, they should be sent as soon as possible after the record was set.
    According to current rules, the record's lifetime days: 1.
    After this period, the record can not be sent.

  4. Latest versions of game.
    Records are accepted only for the latest version of the game.
    Currently is: 1.4.0
  5. Unrealistic results.
    If there are unrealistic results that can not be achieved,
    then a ban can be imposed on the account in the game part of the project.
  6. Telemetry and car settings.
    You can set the initial visibility settings for new records in game part of the project personal account.
    You can also set the visibility settings on the page of your race record.
    Telemetry for record will be visible for everyone in 60 days after result sending.
    If you beat your record, then new time interval will be started for new record.
    Old your telemetry from beaten by you record cannot be downloaded.
    Car settings for record will be visible for everyone in 90 days after result sending.
    Telemetry in general standings only exists for the top 100 records.
    Telemetry in weekly standings only exists for the top 25 records.

  7. Teams and countries for records.
    The team and country in the records corresponds to where the racer was at the time of sending the record and may differ from the current values where the racer is currently.
    This is done so that the racer, having moved to another team (or country), did not take away the trophies from the team (or country) for which he had previously went.

  8. Driving assistants.
    If the driving assistants will be changed during the race, in this case, the record may not be counted.
  9. Recommendations.
    It is recommended to switch off other currently unused programs or minimize their windows as minimum.
    It can help you to release computer resources and minimize lags in game.
    Try to drive with manual gearbox. Perhaps so faster.

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